Pr14 business plan thames water utilities

Thames Water chief Martin Baggs' bonus nearly matches salary

This reflects our ongoing strong focus on managing bad debts, along with a reduction in certain charges, related to our review last year of operational debt processes and bad debt provisions, which were not expected to continue at the same level. Our target is to minimise our costs compared with Ofwat's revenue allowance.

We are building upon AMP5 flooding assessments to understand better the consequences of failure from extreme or coinciding events, including environmental and financial impacts, and developing solutions to mitigate risk from extreme events.

The best service to customers At the lowest sustainable cost In a responsible manner Best service to customers Customer service — our continuing strong focus on dealing effectively with customer enquiries has helped us deliver substantial improvements in our performance over recent years and this was recognised by Ofwat in the final determination, with United Utilities averting a possible revenue penalty for the —20 period.

Thames Tideway Tunnel planning and consultation[ edit ] Initial design and phase 1 consultation[ edit ] Following the Thames Tideway Strategic Study, Thames Water consulted with relevant authorities to get feedback from stakeholders who would potentially be affected by the construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

We are members of the Cumbrian Flood Partnership that, amongst other things, is considering what flood defence improvements may be needed such as upstream catchment actions to reduce the intensity of water flows at peak times.

We would expect the average cash tax rate on underlying profits through to the end of the current regulatory period in March to be around 15 per cent. Fourteen different branches of Hackney Council, as well as the fire The key risk to sustaining this rate is any unexpected changes in tax legislation or practice and, as necessary, we would actively engage with the relevant authorities in order to manage this risk.

See both photos images. United Utilities United Utilities insists it is ready for whatever the weather throws at it this winter. It's no secret in the industry that Thames Water has also been heavily criticised for poor leakage performance.

Earnings per share Underlying earnings per share decreased from However, we have not waited for the publication of the DWI report before taking action. Proactive network management — as part of our 'systems thinking' approach to the way we run our business, we are being more proactive in the management of our assets and networks.

Adoption of source control and sustainable urban drainage; Separation of foul and surface drainage and local storage; Screening, storage or treatment at the discharge point to river; and In-river treatment After evaluation of the potential strategies it was decided that only one, the screening, storage or treatment at the point of discharge, would fully meet the objectives.

Planning for the future

Our research shows that if no action is taken the city is indeed set to experience more frequent and severe water shortages in the future.

An additional treatment stage was needed over and above what the original site was providing, to meet the growing needs of the city. Work continues to repair the flood damage and improve asset protection should similar events reoccur.

Thames digs deep for tunnel

Weather data, which gives utility companies better situational awareness, will help us anticipate problems even more accurately, so we can proactively advise and deliver support exactly when our customers need it.

Viability statement — the dividend policy is underpinned by the group's long-term viability statement.

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Initial repair work is now largely complete and, where we can, we have replaced damaged assets in a way to be more resilient to future flooding.You can get in touch with the Affinity Water contact number by calling Affinity Water is a water supplier that supplys to homes, business and schools all over the UK.

Thames Water's profit for the year to the end of March was a 9% fall on last year, blamed on the freezing weather and rising levels of bad debt during the economic downturn.

But chief executive Martin Baggs still received a pay rise to £, plus a £, bonus. Thank you for the opportunity for Thames Water Utilities Ltd.

Are water firms ready for winter?

(Thames Water) to comment on the draft Farnham Neighbourhood Plan. Thames Water are the During the Business Plan period between and Thames Water is also planning to end the sludge liming operations at the STW. Jun 11,  · The boss of Thames Water has been awarded a bonus nearly equal to his annual salary after a year in which a hosepipe ban was announced and customer satisfaction "deteriorated".

Thames Water described the contract signing as “important” to its “challenging” current business plan over the to period. Under the plan, Thames Water is investing nearly £5 billion on work to improve ageing water pipes, sewers and other facilities, and installing new real time monitoring systems and improving customer relationship management.

Water and Wastewater & Treatment Budget Overview drinking water and Resourcprotect the Thames River. • Thames River Clear Water Revival Project • Source Water Protection Plan • Water and Wastewater Business Plans Fund innovative ways to adapt to Climate Change.

Pr14 business plan thames water utilities
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