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A typical individual can usually develop social and communication skills during his or her preschool years, zero to five years of age. Malnutrition has also been a cause of reduced intelligence.

Mental Retardation or Intellectual Disabilities is characterized by a significant below average score on a test of mental ability or intelligence and because of it they have limitations in all things that they want to do, such as communication, self care and getting along with social situations and in their school activities.

Likewise, lesser time is spent at home with more people being required to take additional hours at work to finish certain tasks and responsibilities.

However, as adults they have proven to be successful in the community under independent or supervised settings. Diagnostic testing is put into use Essays on mental retardation there is suspicion of a particular condition based on physical signs and symptoms. The common factor is that there is something wrong in the growth and development of the brain.

Rather, they should be the ones who are given a privilege and consideration for such to enable them to accomplish and live the life they are expected to live.

Prenatal testing is offered to detect any changes in the fetus. Inherited causes of mental retardation are numerous; for example, chances of giving birth to a mentally-challenged child increase if one or both parents were mentally retarded. Where there is no psychiatrist: A mental health care manual.

Each degree is categorized under Mild, Moderate, Severe and Profound. Mental retardation in most cases is caused by an inherited abnormality of the genes. There are a few common tests that can help in diagnosing. There are different types of mental retardation.

But, unfortunately, a certain percentage of children are born with different deviations, both physical and mental.

It is essential to seek prenatal care at the start of the pregnancy. In addition, smoking tobacco or other substances and taking illegal drugs can also cause mental retardation. They are more likely living within their community in a facility such as a group home Ford-Martin.

Children with Mental Retardation maybe slow to learn how to dress themselves and to feed themselves.

Mental Retardation Essay

In relation to this, a question arises: The parents can have perfect genes but the defect occurs from a random error when the chromosomes reproduce Ford-Martin. Some cases of mental retardation are caused during birth, including premature births, and stresses to the fetus Ford-Martin.

Adults with Mental Retardation

Mildly affected individuals learn more slowly but can usually develop academic skills equal to that of a sixth grader. They have good self-care skills such as going to the bathroom, eating, and dressing themselves. There are four degrees of severity mild, moderate, severe, and profound.

Mental retardation can be preventable through immunizations, if not immunized; these diseases can lead to encephalitis and meningitis, which can cause brain damage.

Mental Retardation

The term Development Disability encompasses various congenital medical conditions that are not related to mental or intellectual components, though it is at times used as a euphemism for Mental Retardation.

Fragile X syndrome is the most common inherited case of mental retardation, it determines sex. Other traits associated with the disability include aggression, self-injury, and mood disorders. High development can occur in a very structured environment of supervision and reoccurring aid.

An extension in pre academic subjects is highly profited.

What Causes Mental Retardation in Children?

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Relevant studies and public policy analysis would have to be made for them with experts on the said field converging together with other authorities in order to come up with a comprehensive and implementable plan for the people with regard to their mental health and other needs.

Impoverished children and those suffering from malnutrition are at higher risk Ford-Martin. The IQ test only has value to the psychologist.

What Causes Mental Retardation in Children?

The first and foremost factor that causes mental retardation and other deviations is an excessive use of alcohol by a young mother in the prenatal period—particularly, during the first trimester 12 weeks of pregnancy.Mental retardation is a term for wide range or conditions (Mental retardation 1).

The meaning of mental retardation depends on what society demands of the individual in learning skills, and social responsibility (Mental retardation 1). Mental Retardation Disability Introduction Mental retardation is a disability that is characterized by significant limitations that are both intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior that are expressed in conceptual, social and practical skills.

Essay on Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation is diagnosed before eighteen years of age. A few common causes of Mental Retardation are genetic conditions, problems during pregnancy, and problems at birth, exposure to toxins or diseases, and malnutrition. Access to overcomplete essays and term papers; Fully built bibliographies and works cited; One-on-one writing assistance from a professional writer One specific major psychological disorder is mental retardation, also called Mental Deficiency.

The definition of mental retardation is a subnormal intellectual development as a result. Free mental retardation papers, essays, and research papers. - Mental Retardation Mental retardation is defined as, an individual with limitations in cognitive ability and adaptive behaviors that interfere with learning.

Individuals with mental retardation learn at a slower pace, have low IQs, and may reach a level where learning stops.

Essays on mental retardation
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